Welcome to the artist site of Donna Marie Albano Harrington, a local singer and songwriter from Scituate, Massachusetts, a south shore town in New England, North America.
Phone: 1-781-733-3310
Email: donna @ donnamariealba.com

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"Lovin You Baby"(C)(P) Copyright 2008 Written, Performed, Recorded/Produced by Donna Marie Albano Harrington. All Rights Reserved.
Singer for weddings, funerals, fundraisers, special events, acoustic cafe's, restaurants, etc... in New England, mostly in Massachusetts on the South Shore or Cape Cod. Local towns such as Scituate, North Scituate, Cohasset, North Cohasset, Marshfield, Marshfield Hills, North Marshfield, Humarock, Minot, Duxbury, South Duxbury, Hingham, West Hingham, South Hingham, Kingston, Plymouth, North Plymouth, Manomet, Pembroke, North Pembroke, Bryantville, Whitman, Hanover, West Hanover, Hanson, Northville, Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Plympton, Monponsett, Rocky Nook, Carver, East Carver, Vallersville, Ellisville, Bourne, Bournedale, White Island Shores, Ocean Bluff, Brant Rock, Green Harbor, Weymouth, Quincy, and Braintree, North Duxbury, Wellingsely, Chiltonville, Falmouth, Weymouth, Hull ,and Jabez Corner. Voice, guitar, songwriting, and recording at my studio. Call for details.

email donna@donnamariealba.com